I was thrown into the spotlight after the accident, I gave interviews on TV and wrote an article for The Sunday Times. It was important to me to tell people what had happened and how we were all coping in my own words not those of a journalist. I received so many positive letters of support from a wide range of people, from others who had lost husbands or children, from amputees and from people who had also experienced great challenges in life. All of these letters were incredibly emotional and powerful and many of them said how much I had helped them by being so honest about my grief and how I was coping in the aftermath of the accident. They made me realize by helping other people I was helping myself. I find being open about my feelings with people very cathartic, it helps me express my emotions and I now realize I am giving something positive to other people too.

I am involved with a few projects on ITV’s Lorraine Show. I was on Lorraine’s panel to choose her Woman of the Year, along with Helena Kennedy, and I am currently a mentor to two women who want to Change One Thing in 2015. The first lady is Kate Oakley, a gorgeous hairdresser from Suffolk. Kate and her husband Chris have been trying to conceive for a few years now with no success. Kate wants to lose weight as her weight is causing hormone imbalances which affects her menstrual cycle making it harder to conceive. I have been helping her achieve her goal with exercise and nutritional advice along with general nagging! Fingers crossed Kate!

The other lady is Mel Chapman, whose father has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Mel wants to marry her fiancé Jay before her Dad passes away, and we have been helping her achieve this goal. This is a project very close to my heart as my wedding day was the last time I ever saw my Dad, he died of a stroke soon after. I am so grateful that I had that special day with him, and the happy memories of him walking me down the aisle and giving me away. I have been working closely with George The Wedding Fairy, to help Mel plan and create her perfect day.

19th May 2015 My recent interview on the Wright Stuff talking about coping with trauma and bereavement.

BBC 5 Live Radio Interview With Stephen Nolan

Style Magazine

I really enjoyed doing this article and hope that it shows other people with disabilities that nothing is impossible. I am very lucky to have had these four new incredible legs funded by Sky, the company where my husband used to work. I have learnt that as an amputee you need a different prosthetic leg for pretty much everything! I now have a ski leg, blade, high heeled and waterproof leg. Not only is each of these legs beautiful they are incredibly empowering for me as they let me gain back part of my life from before the accident.

I LOVED the shoot. It is not often a girl gets her hair and make up done and has a rail of high end designers clothes and shoes to dress up in.

Victoria Milligan

I really enjoy the media work I have done and would like to continue to be an inspiration for people and show that whatever challenges life throws at you we can and will cope. 

I am also planning to write a book about my experiences with the hope that it can help other people cope with life’s challenges.

I am a Patron for Child Bereavement UK and will continue to fundraise for them through different charity events and build awareness of the charity as much as I can.